Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

Camera drones for the win

When doing stuff together with corpies I do like to do screenshots and use these for news messages in our shiny new corp forum. I can't post the stories here, but I can give you a few of the screenies.

 A Thanny and friends visitis a Haven.

Dragonfly oh dragonfly.

Sadly I can't yet pilot a carrier (working towards it though), but this is my precious atm: the Vaga.

Burn riod burn 0:-)

Proteus vs Serpentis cartel ships. Hint: don't bet for the poor Serpentis pirates ;-) (Its a friend's ship though sadly not mine /me hopes for a Loki someday though )

Me in my stout Cane guarding a bubble.

These screenshots also show quite nicely what my corp does and what I do when not trying to find nice people to join the Black Thorne Corporation.