Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

EVE Blog Banter #7

Here we go: my first try at participating in Crazykinux's blog banter. His question to us players was:
"What 3 things haven't you done in EVE and why? Would you be willing to try one day? Why so? Why not?"

As I am quite new to the game, there are a lot of things I haven't done. A few of those are things I will never consider doing and other things I am looking forward to do someday. I'd like to begin with one from the first category:

This I will never do. I do play this kind of online game to be able to interact with other players and to do things together with them, to help them to have a fun time with them and to find friends among them. I am quite sure others are also playing this game to have a fun time, to relax and have a nice time. So I do find it quite wrong that some players seem to find it fun to ruin the fun for others. Sorry but ruining other ppl's time is not among my definition of having a nice time. Just the same as hurting others is not my definition of having a nice time either. I do guess it is too easy to say that destroying other ppls ships/play-goods is nothing personal if you don’t see/know the person on the other side, but one shouldn’t forget that there are other persons on the receiving end of this kind of "fun".
e.g. take can-flipping (which did happen to me already): Imagine the time it takes for a poor frigate to get a can full of ore. Even in my Retriever it takes about 1 hour for me to fill a can solo. Now along comes someone who just "flips" the can so that I am no longer safe to get the goods I mined back. I just have to cut my losses and warp away. I do hope that was fun for those ppl to ruin my (about 1 hour) game time in the evening where I was hoping to relax a bit from work. It sure wasn't fun for me. Sure I got over it, but sure as well I don't have any love left for any type of greifer. May that greifing come from can-flipping or pirating or ganking transports or what have you.

I am sure most in-game griefers who like to ruin other ppls spare time are much nicer in real life, but I am sure as well that being a greifer in a game shows also a bit where your real attitudes lie. Either that or they are are too dumb to know that the ppl whose time he ruins are real people as well.

After this rant off to 2 things I would like to do sometime in the future:

I would like to explore a wormhole together with others (e.g. my nice corp mates) and secondly I would like to be more of a help to them when doing missions. Well actually both of this goes in the same direction so I do hope it might count as only one of my 3 available points 0:-) because as a third thing I would like to do is be more the scholar that I am and exploring the universe.
One project in that regard is surely going to be a visit to the EVE gate in a Covert-ops ship :-)


  1. Added to the list you late newcomer! Make sure to email me to get added to the mailing list if you haven't done so already!

    Glad to hear you'll never be a griefer!



  2. I agree with your objections to greifing and can-flipping, but would take issue with your attitude to piracy. Obviously being a pirate myself I'm probably going to be biased, but I'd like to point out that piracy (as opposed to griefing/can-flipping) is an honourable profession.

    A true pirate (as opposed to a griefer) sacrifices an awful lot for their chosen profession. I cannot enter Hi-sec and therefore have to pay higher prices for my ships and modules than non-pirates. My outlaw status means that I can be attacked on gates and at stations without my assailant taking sentry fire, and unless the player in question has their overview set up all wrong I can't hide my flashy status. I am a legitimate target for everyone, other pirates included.

    Some pirates, I'll concede, behave terribly. Filling local with smack, hurling abuse at their victims. Failing to honour ransoms and other dishonourable activities. Some may even partake in a bit of griefing and can-flipping on the side. I do not do any of these things, I treat my victims with the respect and dignity they deserve, I may destroy their vessel, and even destroy their pod if I catch it, but thats my job, it is never personal. Thats how I make money, just as you make money in your no less valid carebear ways.

    Never forget the cardinal rule of EVE: Don't fly what you can't afford to lose, and be prepared to lose it. I see myself as an enforcer of this rule. If you mission in my area of operations with a fully faction fitted faction battleship, there is nothing to stop you being cautious and careful. There are many things you can do to foil a pirate's attempt to catch you (Figure them out for yourself, I'm not going to do myself out of an income here :P). Be assured however that if you are caught you will most likely lose your ship, unless you ask for ransom (or are even offered it, we do that as well you know).

    I used to be a mission runner, I know how tedious it can get sometimes and missioning in an area where pirates are known to operate, whilst avoidable, is a good way to add a little spice to your gameplay. So I feel that we provide another aspect to the wide and varied gameplay of EVE Online.

    I don't do what I do out of some sense of animosity towards my victims, just as they don't run missions out of some sense of duty toward their employer. We each ply our trades for the same reasons, fun, money and to fly with friends.

    Please don't lump pirates with greifers and can-flippers, we're not them.

  3. I posted about this on my own blog at

    Pirates can make a lot of money, so i can't accept the "But I have to pay low sec prices" argument. Yes, and you have low sec money with which to buy those items.

    Of course you're not a can-flipper or griefer; but what you do is right in line with what they do - cause destruction for your own gain.

    Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

  4. Thank you for your comments! Especially as those are the first ones I got :-)

    @CK: Thank you for the honour of being on your famous list!

    @Mandrill: First of all: thank you for your extensive reply! You are surely right that there is a distinction between a griefer (e.g. can-flipper) than a pirate that at least tries to ascribe to a certain code of conduit/honor. I agree that there might be a certain charm in piracy for some people. But I am surely not one of those.

    I disagree on the "its never personal" part though. If it was never personal, why attack other players/persons in the first place? Is the satisfaction of defeating other players greater? I guess that it must be for you. If so why not engage in alliance warfare or milita warfare? Why pirating? I would dare to guess its not just because you try to "provide another aspect" of the game for other players, is it? I guess it is more that for some the hunting of others is fun (even if those are unprotected haulers or miners)? If so, I guess my argument still stands.

    Anyway: Thank you for your nice blog! I especially liked to read the information about the Sister-Epic Ark! :-)