Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Data Crystals: PI goody for PvE Storyline Content and Roleplay?

This is an idea I had of a small little gadget that could be used for a lot of interesting things: Data Crystals. EVE includes as small utility notepad, but it yet doesn’t have a method of storing and exchanging text messages in-game. In-game text messages are mostly shared (aside from eve-mail and chat ofc) by two methods:

  1. In missions/exploration we tend to get pop-up message windows.
  2. For players to exchange text either cans or bookmarks are used.

What about a small goody (perhaps made out of miniature electronics or chiral structures in PI) that would help enhance content and widen the options for both of the cases above? The gadget could possible look like a data chip or crystal, with the possibility to right-click on it to edit the description text (just like the "change name" option for ships and cans) to simulate the text data contained in the chip.
Possible uses would/could be:

  • Storyline information: Aside from those pop-up windows in missions these items could be part of mission loot containing further hints to other missions/sites. The text wouldn’t be "lost" like the info-text if you click "ok".
  • Background info/hints: The crystals could hint at background info for use in the events which are gathering momentum now.
  • They would ease setting up scavenger-hunt like player-made events.
  • They could be used for in-game roleplaying or help players "script" their own mission for events (like setting up cans containing a data crystal with cryptic information and so on).
  • It would be a way to leave messages in wrecks after other players destroy your ship (also for roleplaying).
To limit their impact on storage capacity on the database side, at least the player-created messages that can be stored in those cans should be limited to e.g. 140 characters and they should be reprocess/destroyable.

I hope this idea would not use too many resources/time for CCP to implement and could have uses in a variety of scenarios.
A further possibility would be to enable the text to be "ecrypted", needing either a password or an application of the Hacking skill to "open". Uses for that might be:
  • Mission loot that that contains hints but can't be accessed till another hint is found (in the form of the password) thus creating a kind of PvE puzzle either for one player (for missions and epic-missions) or for a group of players (for events).
  • Enabling players to do the same (though players should not be able to edit the text of pve content data crystals).
What do you think? Would this fit better into the Ideas part of the eve-forum or better into Assembly Hall?


  1. Both. I'd love for a method to leave notes in cans and hangers. I hear we used to be able to do it but it caused server lag :P

  2. A nice idea, however extend the functionality so that if you already have a note or bookmark you simply open the crystal like any other cargo container and drag your note or bookmark into it, it is then stored in the data crystal.

    Different varieties could be possible which could be pasword protected, locked, like secure cans. They shouldn't be totally unhackable though.

    Imagine this:
    Your corp is setting up an op. Cov-ops pilot goes and makes bookmarks in target system for the op, and has to store them in a crystal so that they can be easily shared with the main force. Transportation of the intel is risky though so that if intercepted it gives the enemy the opportunity to prepare for the attack.

  3. Oh wow thank you Kirith and Keith for those comments!

    /me feels honored.

    I was fearing the server-side argument there .. The bookmark functionality would be great as that would also include the revamp of bookmarks and their storage/handling. I especially like the pvp application this could then have (as my examples did lack that). I did not include the bookmarks as possible storable goods in those data crystals fearing that might be a larger undertaking. Still would be cool. And perhaps "cans" especially for bookmarks aren't that makes copying them easier wouldn’t be that large an undertaking?

    And yeah making these things hack able with the Hacking skill could be an interesting new application for that skill aside from exploration.