Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

My first death

I was hoping I could stay in my original body a bit longer, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Well I have to admit that first death didn’t feel too bad – strangely so. I was thinking that the feeling of dying would be an experience that would alter me forever. But it was over quite fast and I am not much changed. Quite intriguing this Jovian cloning tech. You might ask how did I die? Well it was my own fault and my inexperience as it was my first real combat fight as well. I ordered my tiny Rifter off to help a corp mate whose Chimera carrier was under attack. I went to take point against a Falcon that was jamming him. I guess we were hoping to take that ship down with the help of two Dominixes so that the carrier might be able to get out. The opposition was too tough though and it was over quite fast (not too much chance against 2 Redeemers, a Hurricane , 2 Thanatos’, a Chimera, a Falcon and later on a Moroes as well).

Being me I also was more oogly eyed looking at all those huge ships and not paying too much attention to the status reports my crew gave me. I feel quite ashamed because of that. I couldn’t even escape in my Capsule as I tried to warp to the wrong stargate (the near one were we fought and not the other one farther away). Anyway I should have better tried to warp to a planet.
Still quite a loss for the corp but also quite an interesting experience for me seeing so many colossal ships!

Above the evidence that I was more engrossed in collecting data on the other ships instead of watching the combat.

In conclusion I would like to say that I am atm preparing to participate in a PvP Basic course from Agony University soon so that – even though I am no combat pilot – might help defending my corp better in the future. I am quite looking forward to the training course :-)

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