Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

Rogue drones

Yesterday evening I was able to fly together with corp mates and for a few missions. The most memorable part there for me was the fight against the drones of a quite huge and awesome-looking hive. What a sight! I was quite awed by it and felt really tiny in my small Cane.

I was happy not to be there alone but with friends. Below you can see our stalwart mission commander approaching the hive quite fearlessly in his Vulture.

After that frontal assault another corp member flew a bombing run in his Caracal against the drone bunkers flying dangerously close to the gigantic structure.

One sight especially gave me the creeps: The use of a pilfered Domi hull which probably got invaded by drones, got its crew annihilated and got converted into a horrific and somehow shadow-like [1] looking huge drone body.


These drones really are a danger to civilized Gallente space. I hope to soon be able to help my corp mates again safeguarding civilians from such a threat.

[OOC] 1) As quite a fan of TV-Series Bablyon 5 I especially like the look of those invested ships. They do look quite similar to the shadow-invested ships from that series. (BTW if you haven't seen B5 already: watch it! Its the best sci-fi series there is that tells an epic, compelling story spanning all five seasons!)


  1. Yeah you are right there is a big similarity to the Shadow upgraded Earth ships seen near the end of the war with earth. That really was a great show even when you go back and see how campy it really was the writing shines through.

  2. Yeah the story was epic! Sadly the actual battles vs the shadows was over too fast. But otherwise ... really nice! Wheels within wheels and character development and changes ("evil" to "good" and the other way round with looots of grey in between).

    Yep and those shadow upgraded Earth ships also gave me the creeps ... sad to see the same fate befall those Gallente Battleships ...