Montag, 29. März 2010

Gone Ratting

Seems like this poor Republic University alumnus is quite active at the moment with lots of projects progressing nicely. Only this diary here seems to suffer a bit from that. I’d like to rectify that by showing you a few data grabs from my camera drones to explain what is going on.

The first shows my trusty Gilgalad tanking the brunt of the damage while helping to bust wrongly imprisoned civilians out of a Sansha holding facility.

(Yes Reap that is your Nighty on the pic :-) ) It is always nice to happily chat away with corp mates while flying together and I seem to get better with that - which is the first thing I am happy about. The second thing is that I already had the chance to set up my very first cynosural beacon.
I even survived waiting those 10 minutes sitting duck. It would have been totally worthwhile though, because I could see a majestic carrier up close (Keris you do have quite some cool ship!).

Yeah and as third is the charm, I did manage to get out into lawless space and visit my corp’s small (but very nice) sanctum there. I did travel in the fast and nimble interceptor that can be seen here taking in the sights of the system.
Thankx to my corp mates I already got a nifty piece of Minmatar technology out there (thankx again to Az!) and did my first ratting against the Angel pirate cartel that tries to waylay civilians gathering raw materials from the local asteroid belts.
This btw is the picture of the very first "rat" I engaged with my Cane. And I have to say that I quite like ratting. Especially for someone with not too much time to captain his ship it is much easier to find the time to visit a few belts than to get through one huge mission, so I am quite happy atm.

Hope you are having a relaxing time as well!

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