Sonntag, 7. März 2010

In the Wolf-Pack

My being a bit silent here doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to stuff – to the contrary I did advance quite a few of my plans nicely. One of those was to finally take a Wolfpack Seminar at Agony University. And this is exactly what I did. My basic seminar has been over half a year so it was nice to manage to be on another of those interesting Agony Seminars (took me long enough anyway, though part of that is also due to me not finding a course set up for my timezone before that).

It was quite a special seminar and I thankful to Agony that I was able to be in it. The first special part was that it was in the new format (spilt over two evenings). This is quite a nice idea, as the huge block in the Basic seminar I took was quite difficult to manage. It is easier to find the time for 2 shorter evenings than the time for a 8+ hours monster session. Not only that, but it is much nicer for concentration as well.

The second special part was that it was the first wolfpack where Azual was the primary theory instructor. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was his first time though as he did it quite professional. He did manage to blend quite a lot of experiences and examples into the theory which was very educational and made it easier to digest as well as much nicer to listen to.

The pack undocking.

The third special part was that it was the first time Granger FCed a class. So this was another first as well. In my PVP basic the FC was Caldak and it was really nice to see different FCs with different styles in action. If I had to choose I’d say I liked Granger’s FCing better as it felt a bit less heavy-handed, but I guess that’s personal preference and depends on the style you like.

Wolfpack in warp.

I was happy that I did understand quite a few things much better than on my first basic roam. Among one thing was that this time I actually new which system we were in. On the other hand though I still didn’t get all those reports that came in from the various scouts, so thumbs up for the incredible job the FCs do by being able to go with that much information (and I am sure there isn't a logic processor implant that helps with that) and form strategies and decisions from all that.

Upon entering a system where the largest fight of the day was held I did encounter the problems which have been reported due to stargate electronic loop-backs into our ship’s computers. So I missed that but I still was happy as I felt like I was participating (a t2 sensor booster helped in that regard as well 0:-) ).

Another nice thing: I could do a bit celebrity-watching:
TeaDaze’s elite frig.

Ofc I wasn’t "only" happy to see Tea but quite a few other faces I did recognize, like Guy Fletcher, Scrivet and glepp whom I remember from my Basic course as well as Aether who was then "just" an Alumni but got back into Agony it seems not so long after the seminar. As far as faces go: Babyface UK (an ex-corpie of BTC) you didn’t manage to hide from me as well ;-)

At the end of the day I even managed our suiciding against the coordinated Stealth Bomber strikes by Evoke. So not only did my rifter survive the basic course but my Trasher did survive the wolfpack seminar as well. I guess I must be doing something wrong.

My flight home the other day:

Thankx Agony and my corp (Black Thorne Corporation) as well (as the corp payed for the nice seminar 0:-) ).

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