Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

The Quafe Conspiracy

My last exploratory mission to see the fabled EVE Gate, which is quite literally the origin of our people, is already so long ago, that I thought I should do another one. I consider myself a good Gallente citizen (as the Gallente Federation was so nice to allow me to live under their sovereignty, the corp I am in is also quite happy to be there, and my contacts - especially in Federal Customs - are the best I have). As a good citizen I of course followed the abdication of the Gallente president with quite some concern and the resulting new elections even more.
Just before the new elections did take place, I did notice some interesting developments: Out of the lime light in Gallente low-security space there suddenly was more activity then before. Most of this activity was centered to new Roden Shipyards Manufacturing Centers being constructed. Jacus Roden, the owner of Roden Shipyards, also happened to be the most visible contender for the Gallente presidency. Not long after that the build-up, his winning of said elections was announced. Coincidence or no coincidence I wonder.
Curiosity got the better of me and finally - a few months after the actual election - I did take a look at one of those shipyards. I was hoping that now, after the fact, my visit wouldn’t draw too much attention anymore. The target of my investigation was in the Heluene system and I did find quite some activity going on there. Most impressive was the Obelisk freighter docking at the manufacturing yard.

It is quite a dangerous undertaking to bring an Obelisk to a low-sec manufacturing facility! Especially with no noticeable protective fleet around that is quite some undertaking. But the most astonishing part was that there was a huge Quafe advertisement to be seen there. This makes me wonder: why such a huge advertisement for a secret low-sec manufacturing facility? And even one from another company? Might Quafe - the company famous for its beer - be involved in Roden’s way to power? And why would a starship (and terraforming) company have a secret agreement with a beer company?

Any ideas?

Aside from that it was really nice to see some change going on and interesting to see that the company of the new Gallente president seems also to be helping with naval patrol duties (those Roden Shipyard’s Megathron battleships with their distinctive coloring look really nice btw).

For another travel report to a Roden Shipyard Facility please do look at the interesting one at EVE Travel!

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