Montag, 20. April 2009

BTC - My new corp

After that fiasco in Caldari territory I was quite downtrodden. But luck was with me, as I found quite a nice corporation (The Black Thorne Corporation) that would have me! And I am quite happy to be there as well! It is like an industrialist corp should be!
Below my application:

>>> Burst data connection opening …
>>> Sender: Zargyl of the Sebiestor
>>> To: Black Thorne Recruitment Office
>>> Sender Code: z7786893r
>>> Transmitting data
>>> Data transmitted message opening

Dear honoured Sirs,

after reviewing datafiles from library databanks I found quite interesting hints about a corporation called Black Thorne. Further research into the matter revealed more interesting details that made me small time research student and pilot write this application to you.
Due to the fact that I am a pilot - though not yet a good one I have to admit - I was honoured to be able to study at the Republic University where engineering, industry and science were my top fields of study.
After my time with the University was up, I wanted to see more of the world outside, explore, help others and do a bit mining to help me grow. I don’t want to do this alone and found a nice corp called C.O.R.E Research Expedition with headquarters in The Forge. That was quite a small but active, and friendly corp of social and mature people. I liked it there. But then came the time of the war and they were quite aggressively trying to help the Caldari State. Anyone who could not achieve a high standing with that state had not many chances to rise there (as well as the fear of being expelled). And as I am of the Minmatar and not yet a combat pilot able to take on the higher priority targets to rise in esteem high enough and fast enough. I am now searching for a new corp who would have me.
Therefore I can emphasize with your corporation’s founding. Furthermore as a Minmatar I also do emphasize with the problems of the Gallente Federation against the likes of a certain Mr. Heth, as the Gallente Federation was the only one actively helping my beloved Minmatar Republic.
I am no combat pilot and more of an inexperienced but enthusiastic and friendly industrialist who would like to grow together with others in a friendly environment. Therefore would like to apply for membership in your corporation in the hope that soon I might be able to do my part as well in the larger picture of the universe (as well as corporate life).

Best Regards,
Zargyl of the Sebiestor

>>> Transmission closed.

Thankfully I got accepted! *jumps happily around* This now is Mallinthas my new boss:

If all Amarrians were that open-minded I am sure there would be no cause for war between the Matari and the Amarrian people. He is also a great diplomat and I would nominate (if I had that kind of influence – which I don’t have) him as an advisor to Empress Jamyl Sarum.

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