Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

Me myself and I

First I guess a little bit about myself is in order: I am quite an enthusiastic and open-minded (some might call me naïve) young Minmatar student nearly fresh out from Republic University. Actually I might appear a bit older, but even though I passed the tests to become a capsuleer for quite some time now, upon passing said tests, I didn’t venture into space much. Actually I only left my home station once for a first tutorial. The experience was quite overwhelming and so I decided that I wasn’t yet ready for space and returned to my studies for one year more. So you might still call me a newbie - for that is what I am.

Though newbie that I might be, I am looking quite wide-eyed at all the possibilities the universe is offering and I hope to be able to share my adventures and experiences with you via this text-feed and its journal entries.

Why did I have this idea about text-feed messages now you might ask? Well recently I saw a dark girl named Selina Starfire at a station near my new home. I waved to her but she looked away. My luck with girls I guess … Still even though she just passed me by and didn’t want to talk to me, I was able to find out more about her in a database entry. Said database entry then led me to quite a nice blog of hers. I guess the long hours of research from my days at Republic University finally paid off ;-) Seeing this interesting blog with so many well written stories, my interest in trying myself on one was piqued. The rest they say is history (well ok perhaps in my case only a pitiful try - but still a try nevertheless).

Myself on the move with Trashy my stoutest and most often used ship.

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