Montag, 20. April 2009

Of things past Part III: Further old missions

Amarr in Caldari Space?

Upon arrival at CORE HQ I did set out to explore the surroundings of my new hope. One of the most interesting things I found yet, were the ruins of an ancient Amarr outpost. The repercussions of such a find are quite large: Does this mean Amarr had not long ago such a presence in Caldari space? Or did that space belong to Amarr before it fell under the sovereignty of the Caldari people? Who did wreck that station? Or was it just left behind?
Or even more intriguing: Was it perhaps lost in a singularity in space and transported to this location?
Lots of questions. What would be your theory esteemed reader of this message?

Caldari – Matar Diplomacy

One of the things I tried in Caldari space (aside from trying to find out why the Jovians bequeathed the Caldari people first with capsuleer technology) was to work for a betterment of the Caldari – Matar relations. That work sadly failed. Only once did I find a bit hope, and that was in the mission below:

Mission-wise I also quite liked the Rancorous Researcher. Only to find out that quite a lot researchers were rancorous (got that mission about 4 times) I was a bit dissuaded. I hope that I will never end that way!

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