Montag, 20. April 2009

Of things past Part II: Old corp

As I mentioned in my first post, after only a short introductory excursion into space, I was a bit overwhelmed and went back to University. It took me nearly a year before I tried a second time. I guess I had to, as I had quite a bad conscience that I had wasted the resources the Republic invested into transformation into a Capsuleer. That was it (and that they kept sending me reminders of the glory of space) that made me reconsider and try again. And guess what: My research at the Republic University into the life of a Capsuleer proved worth it! My second escapades in space went much more smoothly and I started to like the feel of a ship around me, the feel of being more than myself of being an integral part of a spacecraft.

It didn’t take me and my renewed interest long to come to the conclusion that I would like to explore the universe together with others, so I began searching for a corporation that would have me. And I found one: The C.O.R.E. Research Expedition in far away Caldari Space (in the Forge actually). I did like the name of that region (The Forge) hinting at a place for industrialists and I did like the info the databases presented about that corp. That was why I undertook that 30+ jump journey away from my home into a possibly hostile Caldari space.

This – one of my first pictures - depicts myself at the end of this journey before docking at the CORE HQ:

The corp was small but with nice and like-mined people and I felt quite welcome as well. I even got a shorter trial-time than normal and was approached for an officer’s post within days of that. Being my humble self I of course declined at first. But after the third invitation I did join that august group. It was nice to see how many things were happening and how an, albeit small, company could advance! I tried my best (newbie that I was and newbie that I still am) to help in any way I could. The problems started when those advances were going faster and faster. One indication of that was the restructuring of the message boards: Threads got restructured and posts deleted. The second indication was paranoia: Well I guess a bit paranoia is healthy in such a dark universe as ours, but still .. I ended up as what I would like to call a “voice of reason” that was trying to defend members form various accusations (like being too inactive, a spy, someone disguised for someone else or what have you). I did try to be reasonable and always was the one to point out the positive sides of the various accused members. I guess I did fail in that (being reasonable) as I was asked twice by the director to leave the corp if I couldn’t life with his decisions. That did hurt my enthusiastic self quite a bit. (As a side note: all the various accused members I defended were cleared afterwards, though most left - probably because of the accusations vs. them).

The final straw came when it was decided to more and more embrace the ideals of the Caldari State and to show the state how successful the corp as a whole was to advance the goals of the State. As quite a new member, being able only to fly a Frigate I fell behind expectations. One day I found myself demoted on those grounds (even though there was no rule and no dead-line set for upholding the tenants of the Caldari State sufficiently).
That was the final straw. Even though I got reinstated one day later the damage was done and I was gone. It was quite a hard choice to make, but frankly it was the only choice. I tried to end my associated with the CORE as nicely as possible (even though I was quite furious) and even suggested a few nice things as kind of a positive parting-gift. It wasn’t seen that way and I earned quite a few questionable remarks when unveiling my decision to leave. Those were quite eye-opening though, as they tried to make me look bad. This was not achieved (actually it was the other way, as those unfriendly replies I got made the corp look bad) so that thread got deleted.

But enough of my old troubles, off to nicer times. If you want to know more, just mail me though.

In closing a picture I made for that corp:

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